4 January 2021
What could be a more peaceful way to start the Birthday and the first working day of the New Year than to discuss peace work! Happy Birthday to you, Dr Mohamed!
Today (or actually tonight for us in Bangkok ^__^) Ven. Napan (Chair of IBHAP Foundation), Dr. Pranee (Duputy Chair) met on Zoom with Dr.Mohamed Elsanousi (Executive Director of The Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers) and his team, Jessica and Rachel. Dr. Mohamed shared the new structure of The Network and its strategy for the next five years which will be funded by Finn Church Aid. Afterwards, Ven. Napan gave an overview of IBHAP work in the past year including our flagship project, “English for Peace of Mind” and our initiation on forming a network between public, private, education and Buddhist organisations to drive SDGs with IBHAP Foundation as a bridging organisation.
We thank Dr. Mohamed and The Network for the collaboration and support over the years and look forward to our further collaboration.
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